gagner des diamants hay day

1/2/3 Captain Completely load 3, 6, and then 12 consecutive boats.
1/2/3 Sheep Shearer Collect 20, 300, and finally 1,800 benoit wool from your sheep.
Check out the deals on Greg's farm each day gagnant - Greg gagner is a non-player character (NPC) who serves gagner as your first friend in the game.Prepare for lionel your riverboat cargo requests in advance - When you send off diamants a riverboat, check the requests for the next boat.If you want to internet dig right in and head straight for the achievements, to unlock your free diamonds as quickly as possible, we have assembled a handy chart that outlines exactly how gagner to do that.If you don't want to wait for your crops to finish growing, or your buildings to finish construction, you can rush completion of gagner just about anything in the game with combien a premium currency called Diamonds that.Only the item you select to advertise shows up in the newspaper for other players, so try listing multiple stacks of the same item to satisfy more than one buyer.How to Earn Free Diamonds: Diamonds are the premium currency in Hay Day.Select or enter the amount of Coins.As long as the item you listed remains unsold, the listing will stay live for up to three hours.The truck has a trailer hitched up behind it, and a carnival game called the Wheel gagner of Fortune sits on the trailer.I found it as super gagnante useful for most of you guys.Plan your crops, livestock, and finished products - Keep an eye on your truck requests board, and work toward goals.Expand your production facilities - Each production facility, like your feed mill and dairy, starts off with only two build slots.That's why I touught. 1/2/3 Co-op Fill 10, moyen 75, and finally 500 combien crates for other players boat orders.
Below is a list of hockey all the hockey ways news to get free Diamonds in Hay Day, along with a guide providing more information on each one.
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Unlike real gagne players, Greg often sells useful items for very low prices, and his gagnant inventory moyen refreshes about once per day.
It works more like removing hockey obstacles gagnant gagné like trees and rocks, in that you can mine as much as you want, as fast as you can swipe your finger, but every single extraction requires you to expend a tool.
Diamonds are unearthed randomly secrétaire when you search through.
Here are some of the best ways: Free diamonds are sometimes provided when you level.Don't forget to claim your achievement diamonds - When you complete an achievement, you get free diamonds.Complete 20, 500, and finally 2,000 truck deliveries.Since you can only obtain tools by chance when you harvest, or by purchasing them from other players, your ability to farm the mine for diamonds will be limited by your luck.By the way, I've used iPhone 5S, Thank you so much, you saved me Hundreds!All moyen of these wayne sources of free diamonds offer instant progress in Hay Day for free, for watching ads, secrétaire or even filling out a survey.