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You may also find it helpful as an adjective, gerund, or noun.
Conjugation edit Conjugation of gagner (see also Appendix:French verbs ) present participle meaning gagnant /a./ past participle gagné /a.e/ gagner infinitive simple gagner compound avoir gagner past participle gerund1 simple gagnant /a./ compound ayant past participle singular plural first second french third first second third indicative je (j).Whenever we begin a conjugation, it's important to recognize the verb stem.In this case, it's gagn.Some of these cookies are essential to the operation of the site, while others help french to improve your experience by providing insights into how the site is being used.Win gagne verb to obtain (a prize) in a competition etc, usually by luck to win first prize, french i won 5 in the crossword french competition.Just in case, Obama knows the word 'Je' actually refer to, i.Quiz, quiz, passé Simple je gagnai je ne french gagnai pas tu gagnas tu ne pour gagnas pas il/elle gagna il/elle ne gagna pas nous gagnâmes nous ne gagnâmes pas vous priere gagnâtes vous ne gagnâtes pas ils/elles gagnèrent ils/elles ne gagnèrent pas.Netter, "Efficacité de l'argent colloïdal (collargol) dans le traitement meaning gagner des maladies infectieuses; multiplicité de ses indications in "Séance du 12 décembre 1902 Bulletins Et Mémoires de la Société Médicale Des Hôpitaux de Paris, third series, volume 19, Masson et Cie, page 1093 : Le meaning malade.Instead of " tu gagne use " gagne " alone.Contents, etymology edit, from, middle French gaigner, from, old French gaigner, gaaignier, from a, vulgar Latin *wadani, *wadanire,.Jump to navigation, jump to search, see also: Gagner. What do, i participez have to gain by staying here?
Earn verb to gain (money, wages, ones living) by working.
Verb win gagnant earn gagnez gain save gagnez make roulette get benefit win over acquire score reap pick up eke out come by make profit pull off get the better of come off the best carry grant.
The following conjugation should be treated as a gagnez guide.
Pronunciation edit, verb edit gagnez gagner participez to win.
In fact, the majority of French participez verbs use the same endings you'll learn here and that makes each new one just a little easier to remember.
Derived terms edit Descendants edit Haitian Creole: genyen, Haitian Creole: gen Louisiana Creole French: gain Further reading edit Anagrams edit Old French edit Verb edit gagner Alternative form of gaaignier Conjugation edit This verb conjugates as a first-group verb ending in -er.
The patient gained a lot of weight and left on 31 December 1901.While the conjugations of gagner are rather common, remembering that it means "to participez win" or "to earn" is a bit more difficult.He earns 200 a week, he earns his living by cleaning shoes.Gagner - Indicative, présent je gagne je ne gagnant gagne pas tu gagnes tu ne gagnes pas il/elle gagne il/elle ne gagne pas nous gagnons nous ne gagnons pas vous gagne gagnez vous ne gagnez pas ils/elles gagnent ils/elles ne gagnent pas.He makes 100 a week, we make a profit of around 1,500 per day.Old French conjugation varies significantly by date and by region.This site uses cookies.77, 78, 79, 81 ).

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Conjugation of gagner (see also Appendix:Old French verbs ) simple compound infinitive gagner avoir gagné gerund en french gagnant Use the gerund of avoir followed by the past participle present participle gagnant past participle gagné person singular plural first second third first second third indicative.