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Paul Gagner at Allen and Eldridge (today is the last day and the small, clean-lighted room (or project space) is below James Fuentes street level gallery at 55 Delancey Street.
An open can of beer is balanced on artist the knee of the pant leg.What could potentially be maudlin or self-pitying is rescued by Gagners self-deprecating humor.Gagner seems to istock recognize that, for all the imaginative power he can summon up in a painting, he is not capable of changing the world.The first painting I saw after descending the stairs was The Artist, Rearranged, With Pickle (2017 which, if you look closely, was done right after the presidential election.Paul Gagner, The Artist, Rearranged, With Pickle (2017 oil poker on canvas, 44 x 48 inches.A folded newspaper in the foreground is pinned by a dart to the wooden table, which has been tilted up close to the picture plane. .Artworks, auctions, galleries, metiers loto magazine, overview, cV, shows.Security, conditions of Sale.I knew neither the artist nor the Lower East gagnants Side gallery where he was having a show.Enter your email and we'll send you instructions to reset.The headline of the newspaper reads Trump Tri (presumably Trump Triumphs) before the fold cuts it off.The author is Howard Moseley.D.Gagners attention to everyday details such as the metal band encircling the table is what makes these shopping paintings special.The image is of a pair of naked, hairy legs with trousers dropped and gathered around the ankles.In related stories, Travis Scotts lead art director, Corey photographe Damon Black, is set to launch his first solo exhibit artist in Miami. Paul Gagner on voix Instagram to voix see more projects.
equipped with gagnant bolts so that the whole thing (the artist) can be fitted together.
Gagner goes one step further than When Art Attacks and writes in clear letters just above the authors name, Howard Moseley.D.
Gagners unexpected mixture of self-deprecation and impolitic rudeness is his and no lotto one elses.
Paul Gagner, The Portable Artist (2016 oil on canvas, 40 x gagner 32 inches.
Along with these grand items, we see a bottle of beer; two pretzel sticks, one of which is broken and perhaps partly eaten, complete with crumbs; a BLT sandwich; gagnants two books stacked on top gagnant of each other, with the famous Mark Rothko-emblazoned cover of Irving Sandlers.
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On March 24, 2017, while scrolling through my news feed on Facebook, I was struck by William Eckhardt Kohlers post of an artists work.Cookie Use and, data Transfer outside the.Gagners attention to gagner details is laced with a sharp, self-mocking wit.According to the gallery, the inspiration behind the subject stems from a Gagners gagnant fascination of self-help books when he was a teenager.Amidst all these details and things you might gagnant expect to find in this imaginary artists portfolio one item sticks out: a small black whip, the better to flog yourself with.His arms are too skinny they look almost anorexic for the oversized head.Someone wants to link up with you on ArtCloud!